Mecha Sutro battling Mecha Salesforce — Drawing by the author.


“It was a Big One, Madam Mayor. Damage reports are trickling in.”

“Anything big?”

“Fallen trees, broken glass mostly.”

“Good, keep me — ”


“Except what?”

“The Millenium Tower, Ma’am. It’s tilting.”

“Hardly news.”

“Tower-of-Pisa kind of tilting.”

“Hell. There may be hundreds in there. …

Thoughts and Theory

Photo Credit: Chase Baker

The gold standard for machine learning research is the ‘sequential’ model of experimentation: you have a baseline, your experiment and a fixed, predetermined test set. You evaluate your baseline on the test set, get a baseline figure. You then run your experiment on the test set, get another figure. Then…

The field of Machine Learning research has derived much of its dynamism from the pursuit of one ultimate goal: the quest for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). This long-horizon objective fuels people’s passions by managing to always feel just barely out of reach, yet paradoxically ungraspable for deeply fundamental reasons. The…

The Game of Authors
Source: Google Arts and Culture

Credit assignment and decisions about paper authorship are a surprisingly difficult topic to navigate, particularly for junior researchers. I distinctly recall working really hard on my first paper, reflexively listing myself as last author — given my initials, I’m accustomed to being last on lists of names — and discovering…

Vincent Vanhoucke

I am a Distinguished Scientist at Google, working on Machine Learning and Robotics.

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